Welcome to Coorditrad, where polyglots from all parts pool their language skills and perform translations for use by Attac.

Coorditrad offers the opportunity to participate in exciting and important Attac campaigns of international significance. In Europe, cross-regional cooperation among Attac groups is on the rise and Coorditrad, in existence since 1999, plays a key role.

Volunteers choose their own degree of involvement based on availability, knowledge of a subject and level of expertise. The amount of time and commitment given to the network is entirely up to the individual. All participants see each request and choose only the ones they wish to do.

Translations sent to the network are distributed by coordinators to volunteers through e-mail lists organized by target language. Events requiring the skills of interpreters are also publicized in this way. Please see the How-To page for more details.

Coorditrad is not intended to compete with professional translators but will be used in cases where translations/interpreting are not possible except on a volunteer basis.

Whether as a translator, interpreter, proofreader, coordinator or any combination of the above, participants help Attac meet its growing need for wide diffusion of information.

If you would like to join the Coorditrad community, please take time to fill out the registration form.

You may also Coorditrad if you have further questions or comments, or if you wish to submit a translation.

All languages are important – the world is diverse and that is how we like it!