How does Coorditrad work?

  1. The email addresses of all volunteers are entered on Coorditrad's email lists: a general list (), and lists corresponding to the specific target languages: English (), Spanish (), Portuguese (), Italian ()... etc.
  2. A team of coordinators receives translation requests from Attac-related sources and submits them to the network. A coordinator is in charge of a given request from start to finish and becomes the Coorditrad contact person for that request.
  3. Requests to translate into language X are sent by email to all addresses registered in the list . The email contains information such as who requested the translation, how long it is and when it is due, as well as an excerpt of the original text. If the topic interests you and you have time to translate, then you reply. If on the other hand you are not familiar enough with the subject or you lack the time, please do not reply. No statistics are kept on the frequency of a translator's participation in the network.

    The coordinator will then let you know if your offer to translate is accepted and will send you the full text. If several translators have responded, the coordinator chooses based on several criteria, mostly ensuring the work is distributed evenly. The coordinator informs the list once a translation has been assigned. Requests for proofreading completed translations are also sent to and the procedure for responding is the same.
  4. Each text receives a reference number to allow easy tracking throughout the translation process. This reference number should appear in the subject line of all emails exchanged between the translator and coordinator. This helps manage inboxes and locate messages rapidly. For example,
    20060116 GATS FR>EN 1'500 words
    refers to a request sent on January 16, 2006 for a 1,500-word translation from French to English on the subject of the GATS.
  5. The use of email addresses:
    • Coordinators use their private email addresses to send out requests.
    • Translators / proofreaders return translations / editing to the coordinator's private email address.
    • Translators are registered in corresponding language lists () but are not authorized to send emails to such lists. Doing so will generate an error message in return.
    • Translators' email addresses are seen by coordinators but not by other translators except if translators ask to be put in touch when sharing a translation.
  6. To cancel participation at any time, notification can be sent by email to .

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