This registration form is for all who would like to help with translation and interpretation within Attac.

You may sign up for any or all of the four areas where help is needed: translation, interpreting, proofreading and coordination.

As a volunteer it is entirely up to you how much time and effort you put into Coorditrad. You will see all requests sent to the list(s) corresponding to your mother tongue(s) and reply only to those that interest you.

If you select "other" from a language menu, please specify the language(s) in the "Additional Comments" section.

Please evaluate your skills as objectively as possible. The quality of our network will depend on a careful self-evaluation.

All languages are important – the world is diverse and that is how we like it!

Written Translations

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Oral Interpretation

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Travel and financial considerations for interpreters Coorditrad is not intended to compete with professional translators but will be used in cases where translations/interpreting are not possible except on a volunteer basis.

Many Attac events require interpreting but do not have finances set aside for it. In this case, usually only travel expenses are covered. On the other hand, if Attac is involved in events with a budget for interpreting, or that require professional services, the organizers' payment policy applies and volunteers are notified in advance.


I would like to sign up for proofreading

To ensure quality translations, Coorditrad has a policy of proofreading all work submitted. Proofreaders check correctness and style and edit translations if necessary.

Language(s) (generally mother tongue(s)):

Note: You may sign up for proofreading only.


I would like information about the coordination team

Ideally, each country or region would have one to two coordinators in charge of collecting tasks, distributing them to the translators and proofreaders, following their status and returning translated material on time. This job involves regular e-mail contact and a high degree of availability.


Field(s) of Specialization

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In languages you've specified above, do you have a command of any specific vocabulary?

What is your profession? Your area(s) of interest?

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Additional Comments

Please use this space to make further comments that you were not able to express above: answers, proposals, discussion, advice, in all languages!

If you specified "other" for any of the languages above, please include the languages and categories (for example, "I can translate into Japanese") here.